Proof of full Covid vaccination required from tourists to Thailand


The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) on Sunday issued a set of new regulations for airlines, including checking whether all passengers have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Airlines will be required to comply with these new rules as part of the government’s measures to prevent a new wave of Covid-19 infections.

The 7-point Notice to Airmen (Notam) will go into effect from 8am on Monday to midnight January 31. The points are:

• Passengers above the age of 18 must show proof of being fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or a doctor’s certificate saying they recovered from Covid-19 no longer than 180 days. Those without vaccination must also provide a medical letter explaining why they were not vaccinated.

• Passengers heading to countries that prevent Covid-infected people from entering must have health insurance for Covid treatment throughout their stay in Thailand, plus seven days. Those visiting Thailand on official missions or are crew members of airlines can present certificates from their agencies or airlines.

• Passengers holding Thai passports are exempt from the vaccine and health insurance checks.

• Passengers taking transit flights are exempt from vaccination and health insurance checks but must comply with the rules of their destination country.

• Airlines can reject passengers who are unable to show the required documents before travelling to Thailand.

• Airlines are required to enforce universal preventive measures, including having passengers wear face masks throughout the flight, except while eating.

• Passengers with Covid-like symptoms must undergo a Covid test upon arrival.

CAAT has also released a list of 16 Covid vaccines that are accepted for entering Thailand as of January 6.

The accepted vaccines include one dose of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine, two doses of AstraZeneca, two doses of Moderna, two doses of Pfizer or three doses of Anhui Zhifei Logcom.

After China announced that it was lifting quarantine requirements for entry into the country from Sunday, the Thai Public Health Ministry has been looking into ways to safely welcome Chinese tourists. To prevent one nationality from being targeted, the ministry has resolved that all foreign arrivals will have to prove they have been vaccinated.