Giant leap for Thailand as S Korea joins space project


Thailand and South Korea have agreed to study the feasibility of building and launching a spaceport in Thailand, the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency said.

"Aviation and aerospace are among targeted S-curve industries which will become new engines to boost Thailand's economy in the future," the agency wrote on its Facebook page, referring to technically advanced and innovative industries.

It will work with the Korea Aerospace Research Institute to help develop space technology in Thailand and had a signing ceremony for the partnership at the Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Ministry in Bangkok on Monday.

"This signing ceremony will lead to construction of a spaceport in Thailand," the agency said, adding that Thailand is a suitable country for building a spaceport.

The agency began cooperating on space technology and research with the South Korean institute in May last year and the feasibility study will be completed in three years, it said.

Giant leap for Thailand as S Korea joins space project

The study will be conducted thoroughly, with intense focus on geographical suitability, the site for construction, avoidance of natural disasters, environmental impacts, infrastructure, facilities, rocket types, regulations, and a business model, the agency said.

The study also aims to generate confidence among investors interested in Thailand's spaceport, the agency said.

"This will be an important step for Thailand's space-infrastructure development to create jobs, generate revenue and improve people's quality of life," it added.

A spaceport is a site for launching or receiving spacecraft.

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