Thailand to host third informal dialogue on Myanmar

MONDAY, JUNE 19, 2023

Thailand will host an informal meeting among countries affected by the situation in Myanmar today (June 19), according to Foreign Ministry's press release on Sunday.

“Although it is not being held within the Asean framework, it is aimed at supporting regional efforts to resolve the situation in Myanmar," the ministry said.

It added that Thailand had informed the Asean Regional Forum in Phnom Penh last year that it would be advancing dialogue in all forums to find a way to resolve the situation in Myanmar peacefully, including through track 1.5, which comprises both government and academia.

"Thailand has held a number of informal meetings on Myanmar in a variety of formats and levels, including at the ministerial level twice before," the ministry said, adding that this would be the third informal dialogue.

It is expected to be attended by high-level representatives from Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, China, Brunei and Vietnam. This informal dialogue builds on previous dialogues.

"Dialogue is a fundamental requirement of diplomacy in seeking peaceful solutions," the ministry said.

"As a country that shares a 2,400-km-long border with Myanmar, Thailand wants to see a cessation of violence, which will eventually lead to peace and stability inside Myanmar."

The ministry said Thailand has been continuously providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Myanmar directly and indirectly, both in the context of conflict and natural disasters.

Thailand was the first country in Asean to establish a Humanitarian Task Force chaired by the Foreign Minister and has coordinated with various United Nations bodies and international organisations, the ministry added.