Coalition will ‘do its best’ to make Pita PM, says Pheu Thai’s Phumtham

TUESDAY, JULY 11, 2023

The eight partners of the Move Forward-led coalition have announced that they will provide full support to Pita Limjaroenrat when Parliament convenes to elect Thailand’s next PM on Thursday.

Representatives of the eight parties gathered at the Parliament complex on Tuesday morning to discuss preparations and code of engagement for the voting day.

Their decisions on common practices for MPs and senators were conveyed at a meeting of the three whips – coalition, opposition and senators. The meeting was chaired by Parliament President Wan Muhamad Noor Matha.

The representatives, who attended the coalition meeting, included Move Forward secretary-general Chaithawat Tulathon, Pheu Thai leader Cholnan Srikaew, Pheu Thai secretary-general Prasert Chanruangthong, Prachachart secretary-general Tavee Sodsong, Thai Sang Thai deputy leader Anudit Nakhonthap, Pheu Thai Ruam Palang Wasawat Puangpornsri, Seri Ruam Thai MP Wirat Warossirin, Fair Party leader Pitipong Temcharoen, and a representative of Palang Sangkhom Mai.

Coalition will ‘do its best’ to make Pita PM, says Pheu Thai’s Phumtham The group posed for the press before heading to the meeting.

Pheu Thai deputy leader Phumtham Wechayachai, who was also there, told reporters that the meeting was being held to discuss several issues ahead of the PM’s vote.

He said the meeting was being held for the eight partners to discuss what they can do to help Pita win the votes required to become PM.

“We will do our best to help him,” Phumtham said. However, he declined to confirm or deny that Pheu Thai had lobbied for support from 40 senators. Move Forward has also reportedly lobbied 20 other senators for votes.

He said the meeting was for the eight partners to discuss what they could do to help Pita win enough votes.

Coalition will ‘do its best’ to make Pita PM, says Pheu Thai’s Phumtham “We have to discuss how much each of us can do. But there is only one plan – the nomination of Pita as the prime minister candidate,” Phumtham said when a reporter asked him to confirm the number of senators the two parties have lobbied.

“The coalition partners will push Pita with all of our strength. We’ll do all we can. This is to declare our will that we’ll do our duty to the best,” Phumtham said.

He added that it would depend on the joint Parliament sitting to decide how many more rounds of voting would be held if Pita failed to receive the required 376 votes in the first round.

Phumtham also declined to comment on speculation that the EC will decide to send the iTV shareholding case against Pita to the Constitutional Court.

“We won’t interfere in that process. Let it proceed according to law,” he said.