EC files petition in Constitutional Court seeking Pita's disqualification in shareholding case


The Election Commission (EC) on Wednesday decided to submit a petition to the Constitutional Court seeking the disqualification of PM-hopeful Pita Limjaroenrat over alleged media shareholding.

The move comes after three days of consideration. The EC said its fact-checking committee had enough evidence to file a petition, adding that EC chairman Ittiporn Boonpracong had signed the petition before appointing an official to submit the petition to the Constitutional Court.

The Constitutional Court will hold its weekly meeting at 1pm. It remains to be seen if the EC submits the petition in time for the Constitutional Court to consider the case right away.

The EC is making the case for the Constitutional Court to disqualify Pita as MP under the Constitution’s Sections 98 (3) and 101 (6) for holding 42,000 shares in media firm, iTV.

The EC is also urging the the court to temporarily suspend Pita from serving as an MP until the court issues its ruling.