Seree threatens to sue 2 online users for ‘bullying’ him over PM vote

SUNDAY, JULY 16, 2023

Senator Seree Suwanpanont said on Sunday that he will file a defamation lawsuit against two online users for bullying him after the PM vote last week.

He said the two persons damaged his reputation through their online posts, so his lawyer will file a defamation suit against them with Talingchan Criminal Court.

The senator said he will hold a press conference at 11am on Monday to provide details of the case and the name of the two defendants after the case has been filed.

He said he will also have his lawyer hear the complaints of other senators who have been bullied online or defamed by supporters of Move Forward following the PM vote on Thursday. He said the lawyer will gather information before filing defamation lawsuits gradually.

After Move Forward PM hopeful Pita Limjaroenrat failed to win the required 375 votes to be elected as the next PM, a “witch hunt” was launched on social media, he said.

Move Forward supporters launched an outcry and took to social media to attack senators who voted against or abstained during the PM vote. They used the hashtag “senator’s business” to call for a boycott of businesses owned by the senators in question.

Among the businesses targeted is Seree Market on Rama IX Road which is owned by Seree.

Seree said the call for boycott does not affect his market, because vendors will keep selling their goods and people will still come to do their shopping.

“This time we need to get serious against these keyboard hooligans for intimidating and bullying us too much. They use abusive words and make false allegations against us,” he said.

On Thursday, 206 senators responded to the roll call during the joint sitting and 43 were absent. Of those present, only 13 voted for Pita, 34 against and 159 abstained.