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Why female doctors are just as adept as men in management roles

Why female doctors are just as adept as men in management roles

After spending several decades as a top executive in Thailand's public health sector, Dr Mayura Kusum, president of the Thai Medical Women's Association (TMWA) is convinced all women are fully capable of assuming leadership roles and reaching the pinnacle of their careers no matter their field.

However, she also underlines the importance of these women taking time to carefully examine their own mental, physical, and familial readiness.

" Women are capable of taking the lead. All they need to do is to convince themselves that they are fully prepared to face any challenges and be willing to work hard," Mayura tells The Nation in an exclusive interview.

" From my own experience, if a woman is to take on an executive position, she must have a positive view of management." That way, she can enjoy learning and polishing her leadership skills.

Other conditions, she explained, depend on the woman’s capacity to balance her life and work.

" But one thing is certain: being a female executive is hard work, especially for a female doctor whose responsibilities are constantly overwhelming," she said with a gentle grin.

Why female doctors are just as adept as men in management roles

Mayura was one of the few female doctors in Thailand to take on a management role four decades ago, at a time when the medical profession was dominated by men. She was also one of the very few female doctors
appointed to an executive position in Thailand's public health circle.

She began her executive role as provincial public health director in Pathum Thani province approximately four decades ago. Her responsibilities included developing a provincial public health roadmap and overseeing budgets, workforce, and policy directions for all public hospitals and health stations.

Fortunately, despite Thailand's conservative social norms and some unfair regulations, women who complete their medical training have long been well accepted and able to advance in their careers.

Still, even today, if a woman is to make significant progress and achieve success in a management position, she should never stop learning, cultivate a growth mindset, and not be afraid of facing challenges.

" Do not say no to opportunities that come your way, even if it is not your preferred option. As long as you don't hate it, do it," she advised.

Why female doctors are just as adept as men in management roles

Also, since society still expects women to fulfil the roles of wife, mother, and housekeeper, Mayura advised speaking with the family to ensure their full understanding and support.

" Family support is the wind beneath your wings that can make you rise to the peak of your executive career," she said.

With the number of newly crowned female doctors increasing year after year, she believes there are more opportunities for them to advance to executive positions, particularly in the public sector.

Why female doctors are just as adept as men in management roles

" They [female doctors] have to be prepared to encounter difficulties. Their natural physical strength may be weaker than that of a man but we know their femininity, such as gentleness, mindfulness, social skills, empathy, attentiveness, and observance, helps them achieve their executive tasks just as well as men," she noted.

Furthermore, to smooth out any obstacles to their career path, Mayura highlighted the need to educate males of every age to acknowledge and respect women's abilities. In addition, rather than fearing or looking down
on women, men should focus on improving themselves, adjusting their attitudes, and recognising women as equals.

"Thailand must now adopt and cultivate a gender-equal mindset, which means that males and females have no boundaries when it comes to work. Women can work outside the home and men can also take care of
housework," she said.

Why female doctors are just as adept as men in management roles