Top 10 drug busts by police In Laos during 2022


Police across Laos cracked down on drug traffickers in 2022 and seized hundreds of kilograms of different types of narcotics. Given below are details of 10 major drug busts throughout the year.

No.10: On June 21, police officers of Khammuan province, together with the local authorities, surrounded and arrested Adsomvang, 30, and his wife, Yengyang, 18, of Homyen village in Pakkading district of Borikamxay province. They were allegedly carrying 24 bags of cannabis weighing 939 kg to be sent to neighbouring countries.

No.9: On September 6, Borikhamxay provincial police officers found a truck carrying 90 bags of compressed dry cannabis weighing 1,600 kg mixed with incense. Four men were detained in Phonchaleun village of Pakkading district in Borikhamxay province for prosecution in the case according to the law.

No.8: On December 21, police officers from Khamkeuth district in Borikhamxay Province, in cooperation with Khounkham District Police from Khammuan province, intercepted a car carrying cannabis that was driving through a checkpoint. The driver managed to escape. After inspecting the truck, police found 44 bags of cannabis weighing 1.669 kg.

No.7: On June 8, police arrested Vattana, 29, and Mekthala, 30, in Xokyai village of Xaysettha district with 100,000 amphetamine pills weighing 10.8 kg, a phone, three modified guns and 21 bullets.

No.6: On September 26, a Vigo car was moving from Vientiane at high speed when it hit a motorcycle. The driver tried to escape but was arrested by authorities. The occupants of the car were identified as Buapha, 26, a resident of Viengkham village in Pakkading district, and Soutchai, 18, from Huayhoy village in Viengthong district. A search of the car revealed 866 packets of coffee mixed with drugs.

No.5: On January 30, police officers of Oudomxay province arrested Chueyiwa at Kiewhear village in Xay district of Oudomxay province with 72 bundles of amphetamine containing 144,000 pills. Further searches at three other locations led to the arrest of 30-year-old Chengwa, from Phousavan village in Xay district, with 97,000 pills, a bag of powder mixed with pills, a total of 241,464 pills, and other related materials.

No.4: On October 15,  police officers from Tonpheung district on Bokeo province found a Vigo vehicle parked on the side of the road. They found middleware hidden in the driver’s compartment and the trunk of the car had 14 bags containing 350 packs of 3,500,000 amphetamine pills weighing 385 kg. The persons transporting the drugs escaped.

No.3: On August 6, police officers in Bokeo province arrested 45-year-old Phon and 43-year-old Mon at Sibonheuang village in Tonpheung district. They were involved in drug trafficking. A subsequent inspection of a house revealed 6,608,000 amphetamine pills weighing 733 kg, one kilogram of crystal meth, and three cars. In addition, 80,000,000 kip, 4,109,000 baht and 10,000 yuan were seized.

No.2: On June 4, police in Bokeo province solved a major drug case and arrested Toumong, 30, from Xay Oudom village in Pha- Oudom district, and Phomma, 29, from Nateuy village in Luang Namtha province. More than 12,000,000 amphetamine pills were seized from them.

No.1: On September 23, the police in Bokeo province solved a major drug case and arrested four persons with 33,500,000 amphetamine pills and 500 kg of crystal meth.

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