Refugee camp opened near Myanmar-China borderline in Kokang region


A refugee camp has been opened near Border Post 125 situated on the Myanmar-China borderline in Kokang Region, but over 12,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) are still in need of shelter and food, according to an announcement released by the News and Information Department of Kokang Self-administered Zone released on November 5.   

With the aim to provide accommodation and basic needs of the IDPs, the Kokang Charity Team together with relevant social organizations established the refugee camp at Border Post 125 in Kokang borderline. 

Under the arrangement of the Kokang Administration Council, the neighbouring countries and their partners are now supporting the humanitarian aid for over 12,000 IDPs at the Border Post 125 refugee camp, according to of News and Information Department of Kokang Self-administered Zone.

As the number of IDPs already increased at the refugee camp, the purified drinking water factories can’t provide enough water to the IDPs. So, the Fire Services Department of Kokang Self-Administered Zone is now distributing drinking water to the people. The department began the water distribution program on November 4 by using four fire engines. Moreover, they are going to supply drinking water daily for the increased IDPs.


Currently, there are over 170 volunteers at the refugee camp which includes offices and clinics. The refugee camp also records the data of the IDPs. The refugee clinic aims to support the healthcare services for the IDPs.

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