MONDAY, April 15, 2024

Now you can fly from A and B with C

Now you can fly from A and B with C

Guests made a beeline for the C919 during its inaugural flight demonstration at the Singapore Airshow from Feb 20 to 25. As is the case with other major passenger jets, the C919's components come from suppliers around the world.

But with numerous interfaces millions on the C919 alone linking various systems such as hydraulics and avionics, it's far from just a simple assembly, which is accomplished in China.

With over 2,000 wing drawings, integrated design of the fuselage, wings, pylon-mounted engines, and nearly 200 patent applications, the C919 signifies a leap forward for China's aviation industry.

The C919 injects fresh vitality into the aviation industry, as it is expected to end the binary paradigm of A(Airbus) or B(Boeing), providing airlines worldwide with a C option, COMAC being the manufacturer of the C919.

The C919, a large passenger aircraft, adopts advanced aerodynamic design, propulsion systems and materials, resulting in lower carbon emissions and higher fuel efficiency. Its advanced cockpit design effectively reduces pilot workload, while its passenger-friendly cabin design offers a comfortable travel environment.

Since completing its maiden commercial flight in May last year, the C919 has transported over 110,000 passengers.

Healthy competition drives industry development. The internationalization of China's large aircraft industry endeavours to achieve win-win outcomes.

For the European and US companies, while competition is a consideration, collaboration should also be contemplated to jointly expand the market and share the dividends of global aviation industry development.

China Daily