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Panasonic bundles eco-sensor technology

Feb 16. 2012
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By Jirapan Boonnoon

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Panasonic AP Sales (Thailand) has announced Econavi, an intelligent eco-sensor technology bundled with air-conditioners, refrigerators, air purifiers and washing machines. It expects to generate about 60 per cent of its revenue from eco-friendly products

Managing director Toshihiro Majima said Econavi automatically reduced power consumption and helped save energy. In the case of air-conditioners, the technology can cut energy consumption by more than 50 per cent. For refrigerators, Econavi can save energy usage by more than 40 per cent and for washing machines about 45 per cent.

"We have a vision to become the world’s No 1 green-technology company by 2018, able to help save energy and reduce electricity consumption," Majima said.

Yuki Honda, the company’s director of marketing and planning, said that this year the firm was creating products with additional energy-saving functions. The firm is also preparing to expand its eco-sensor technology to other product categories. It has already announced a rice cooker with Econavi in Japan.

Majima said the firm expected that in fiscal year 2011 (April 2011 to March 2012) it would be able to generate about 55 per cent of its revenue from eco-friendly products and increase that to 60 per cent in fiscal year 2012. It also expects that by 2018, about 90 per cent of its revenue from all categories will come from product with eco-sensor technology.

However, electric appliances equipped with Econavi will be priced 10 per cent higher than existing products.

Panasonic AP Sales (Thailand) expects that in the fiscal year 2011, it will enjoy a 16-per-cent share of the air-conditioner market, 23 per cent for refrigerators and 10 per cent for washing machines.

By 2018, it hopes for a market share of about 25 per cent in all product categories.

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