Nong Khai all set to welcome tourists for Naga Fireball fest


Nong Khai officials have prepared areas and readied activities along the Mekong River to welcome tourists for the Bung Fai Phaya Nak festival, or Naga Fireball Festival, which is scheduled for October 21, Deputy Governor Natthawat Wiriyanapaporn announced on Wednesday.

Those who attend the event must have received at least two doses of vaccine and be tested for fever before passing a checkpoint, or have a negative test result 72 hours prior to the festival day.

This year, a limited number of visitors will be allowed into festival venues.

Visitors are strictly required to maintain social distance and wear a mask at all times. Meanwhile, locals have been asked to refrain from organising food street fairs, music performances or opening playgrounds.


Tourists will be allowed to watch the Naga fireballs phenomenon along the Mekong River in areas from Phon Phisai district to Rattanawapi district, a distance of more than 30 kilometres.