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New business alliance to push Sharp energy storage system

Jun 07. 2017
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California-based CivicSolar will now be offering Sharp’s SmartStorage energy storage system through its vast distribution network of solar photovoltaic (PV) installers.

The system aims to reduce energy usage in commercial properties.

Sharp Electronics Corporation’s Energy Systems and Services Group (Sharp) announced that its first project with CivicSolar would be with technology developer and systems integrator Forecast Energy. The project features a 120 kilowatt (kW) on 160 kilowatt hour SmartStorage system plus a 313.5kW solar system.

“It’s a privilege to have been selected by Forecast Energy … and by CivicSolar as a distribution ally, which will see them promote our SmartStorage system to their network of 3,500 customers,” said Carl Mansfield, general manager and founder of Sharp’s US-based Energy Systems and Services Group. “CivicSolar will broaden our reach to their vast network of customers in the solar industry and will bring our SmartStorage solution to customers that are facing expensive peak demand charges. We anticipate teaming with both CivicSolar and Forecast Energy on future solar plus SmartStorage projects.”

Sharp’s intelligent energy storage solution paired with solar PV systems will work synergistically to reduce energy usage for commercial properties. Sharp’s SmartStorage system is designed to pull power from the SmartStorage batteries rather than from the utility at the times of highest demand (which are the most expensive rates) and is particularly suited for properties in parts of California where commercial utility customers are paying up to 50 per cent of their energy bills toward demand charges.

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