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Krispy Kreme tempts anew with ‘Ube Doughnut’

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“Ube Doughnuts”, the latest sweet treat from Krispy Kreme, tap the amazing flavour of ube, a yam-based dessert long popular in the Philippines, and adds frosting in three vibrant hues.

The Ube Filled Ring Doughnut has the classic smooth flavour, the Yummy Ube Crumbs Doughnut is dipped in ube icing and topped with crunchy ube crumbs, and the Yummy Ube Filled Doughnut boasts the more intense flavour of ube and buttercream.
Ube Doughnuts cost Bt35 or Bt296 for a whole box at all 35 Krispy Kreme locations until September 15.

Published : August 21, 2019