Fri, December 03, 2021


Top stock picks of share market experts for 2021

Securities companies on Sunday picked their top shares for investment in 2021.

Finansia Syrus Securities expected the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) to hit 1,600 points based on its price/earnings growth (PEG) at 0.73 times, price to earnings ratio of 20.7 times and price to book value at 1.76 times.

The securities company advised investors to buy shares that would benefit from the Covid-19 outbreak, consumption recovery and positive news of a Covid-19 vaccine, such as BEM, BDMS, KBANK, JWD, JR, M, MTC and SYNEX.

Globlex Securities expected the SET to fluctuate between 1,470 and 1,650, advising investors to buy defensive stocks (ADVANC, DIF, GPSC and GULF) and stocks that benefit from the news of a Covid-19 vaccine (MINT, CENTEL, ERW, BH and BDMS).

The securities company also advised investors to follow the Fiscal Policy Office's indices related to Thai industry, and the Bank of Thailand's economic data.

Tisco Securities expected the new round of Covid-19 outbreak to affect the SET in the short term, adding that this was an opportunity to buy shares, as listed companies' first-quarter performance was likely to see an improvement.

The securities company also expected the SET to hit 1,500 points at the beginning of this year from the economic recovery and the weakening dollar.

"We recommend investors to buy BAM, BBL, BDMS, PTTGC, AEONTS, TWPC, WHA, INTUCH, KKP, LH, NYT, PROSPECT and TVO," the securities company said.

Capital Nomura Securities expected the SET to hit 1,650 points, advising investors to buy stocks that would benefit from the global economic recovery, such as SCC, SCGP, PTT, TOP, GULF KCE, SAWAD, CPALL, CENTEL, VNT, GFPT and SNC.

DBS Vickers Securities advised investors to buy AMATA, which would benefit from the progress of the Eastern Economic Corridor, at Bt18 per share; AP, which pays dividends regularly, at Bt8.1 per share; BTSGIF, which would benefit from positive news of a Covid-19 vaccine, at Bt7.2 per share; PTT, which would benefit from the rising oil price, at Bt43 per share; and TSR at Bt5.1 per share.

Published : January 03, 2021

By : The Nation