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‘SME One ID’ project allows small businesses easy access to govt services

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To help SME operators conveniently access government services using a single identification on a unified platform, the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP) and the Digital Government Development Agency (DGA) have been working together on a much-needed project called “SME One ID”.

The project aims to reduce overlapping procedures and streamline registration and documentation processes.

“Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha had tasked OSMEP in August 2021 to bring the project to fruition as part of the policy to improve government e-services,” said OSMEP director Weeraphong Malai.

“SME One ID utilises digital technology to develop a platform that entrepreneurs can use to apply for services of various government agencies using a single identification. Thanks to seamless integration between all partner agencies, the platform can greatly reduce overlapping procedures, unnecessary filling of forms, and lower documentation management costs,” Weeraphong pointed out.

“We expect more than 3 million SME operators to benefit from the project,” he said.

In 2021 OSMEP signed a memorandum of understanding with the DGA, which is responsible for technology implementation during phase I of the project, besides eight other firms, which will help facilitate registration for SME operators on the platform.

The eight are CP All, Eke-Chai Distribution System (Tesco Lotus), the Export-Import Bank of Thailand, Bank of China (Thai), Tellscore, TikTok, the Thailand Environment Institute and Bank of Ayudhya.

“In 2022, we expect to bring on board more partners such as Siam Makro, Index Creative Village, the Securities and Exchange Commission, Gentosia, Feyverly, True Corporation, Innotech Laboratory Service and the Government Savings Bank,” Weeraphong said.

‘SME One ID’ project allows small businesses easy access to govt services

The SME One ID platform is available at It can currently handle registration of individuals and juristic persons, who will be able to apply for various government services from different agencies without having to register for a new account and wait for the agency to verify their documentation.

“For example, registered entrepreneurs can conveniently apply for product registration with the Thailand Food and Drug Administration or the Thai Industrial Standards Institute, or apply for promotional privileges with the Creative Economy Agency, the Department of Industrial Promotion, or the Comptroller-General’s Department,” Weeraphong said.

He said OSMEP is planning to expand SME One ID coverage to more government agencies, including the ministries of Industry, Commerce, Labour, and Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation. Weeraphong aims to achieve at least 1 million registrants by the end of 2022, meaning one third of Thailand’s SMEs will be on the platform.

“SME One ID is also holding a promotional campaign via Shopee until August next year to allow registrants to sell their products on Shopee’s microsite. We expect more than 1,800 entrepreneurs to join,” he added.

‘SME One ID’ project allows small businesses easy access to govt services

DGA director Suphoj Thianwut said SME One ID was launched as a measure to help business operators get in touch with government agencies during the Covid-19 lockdown.

“Now that the situation is improving, it will become a platform that compiles and manages big data of Thai SMEs for policy planners and future investors,” he said.

“The DGA has employed the latest technology to ensure registrants’ data are secure on the platform and can be used only for the intended purposes,” he made clear.

Entrepreneur Bussayaphan Wongpilaiwat, who has registered on SME One ID, said she decided to use the platform so that she could avail of government support for her fried mushroom snack business under the brand Veget Crisp.

“I used to sell fried vegetables at a fresh market. Now I have my own business with products being exported,” she said.

“Thanks to SME One ID, which is easy to register via, I can find training courses in product development, as well as apply for loans and register with the FDA. It also helps me connect with trade partners to expand my business,” she added satisfactorily.

‘SME One ID’ project allows small businesses easy access to govt services

Published : June 23, 2022