SCB 10X launches Web3 collaboration hub in Bangkok to nurture startups


SCB 10X has opened a new physical space in Bangkok to serve as a hub for ideation, collaboration, and building in Web3 and assist in international community-building, the company said.

DistrictX will be a Web3 collaboration hub for SCB 10X, the venture investment arm of SCBX group, which will help build and incubate startups in the Web3 and blockchain industry.

Located in the heart of Bangkok, DistrictX will allow for both community building and business co-working. The 10,000 square foot spot is equipped with meeting rooms, a town hall, operational war room, podcast room and dining space offering free refreshments.

With two main areas, the first area will be the Hacker House, an open-seating space where global innovators in blockchain and Web3 can engage with one another and collaborate with the SCB 10X team, partners and ecosystem.

The second area is the Exponential Hub, a co-working space for SCB 10X's global partnership, including leading global blockchain and Web3 companies: Axelar, Fireblocks, Nansen, The Sandbox, Nebula, Token Unlocks and RakkaR Digital.

"DistrictX is a physical space where we see the potential for great collaboration, networking, and entrepreneurship to bloom," said Mukaya (Tai) Panich, CEO of SCB 10X. 
"Collaboration is key during this bear market, and we are excited to bring high potential startups, passionate entrepreneurs, prospective partners, and enthusiastic developers to Bangkok in order to strengthen the global communities of blockchain and Web3."

Mukaya (Tai) Panich, CEO of SCB 10X

"At Fireblocks, we believe that impactful partnership and collaboration is invaluable to the healthy growth of the industry," said Stephen Richardson, head of Asia Pacific and senior vice president of financial markets at Fireblocks. "With Thailand having one of the highest rates of digital asset adoption, DistrictX will serve as an important hub for us to advance blockchain innovations and bring more financial institutions and businesses to these technologies."

Stephen Richardson, Head of APAC and SVP of Financial Markets, Fireblocks.JPG

Through the DistrictX sixth-month Hacker House Incubation Program, SCB 10X said it would recruit talented developers and highly-driven entrepreneurs to build startups at the forefront of disruptive technology. The program will offer end-to-end support from SCB 10X's building team, product and design testing, mentoring from the brightest minds in the ecosystems, and external fundraising and scaling.

Apart from its role in investing and building, SCB 10X will educate and create awareness among the general public about the world of blockchain and Web3.

DistrictX will host "Moonshot Meetup”, a bi-monthly workshop to engage partners, developers, and community by sharing knowledge and building projects. DistrictX will be the home to a line-up of future events such as the DistrictX Hacker House Program, Hackathons, and many more.

SCB 10X launches Web3 collaboration hub in Bangkok to nurture startups

"We're proud to be a part of SCB 10X's ecosystem and hope to contribute to the digital asset scene in Thailand,” said Alex Svanevik, CEO of Nansen. "We're looking forward to more breakthrough collaborations in the DistrictX space.”

The launch of DistrictX is another step for SCB 10X towards achieving its “Moonshot Mission”, the company said, focused on investing globally in disruptive blockchain, Web3, and fintech technologies and incubating startups to become the next unicorns in the area of blockchain and Web3.