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Asia’s landline connections

Dec 04. 2016
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NEW DELHI - China has the most number of fixed telephone lines, or landlines in the world but when it comes to telephone lines per 100 people South Korea is way ahead of China and other Asian countries.

With 59.54 telephone lines per 100 people, South Korea leads Asian countries in terms of telephone lines per 100 people. It is followed by Singapore (36.19), China (17.90) and Malaysia (14.61), as per the data by Asian Development Bank.

South Korea also boasts of the speediest average internet connection in the world at 26.7 Mbit/s, as per the latest State of the Internet report.

Lao, Sri Lanka and Brunei have 13.36, 12.49 and 11.40 fixed telephone lines per 100 people.

Myanmar, India and Cambodia have performed poorly when it comes to providing their populations with landline connections. While Myanmar has 0.98 connections per 100 populations, India and Cambodia have 2.13 and 2.34

However, it is Bangladesh which has worst connectivity in providing fixed telephone to people. The South Asian nation has just 0.61 landline connections per 100 population.

Other South Asian countries like Pakistan (2.65) and Nepal (2.98) have also very less number of telephone lines. Overall, the South Asian region has comparatively less number of telephone lines per 100 population compared to the rest of Asian countries.

Globally the number of fixed-telephone subscribers has seen continuous decreases due to upgrades in digital technology and the conveniences that come with switching to mobile and Internet-based alternatives.

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