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Dead tycoon’s family wants cases sped up

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THE FAMILY of late tycoon Chuwong Saetang will petition the Attorney-General and the Justice minister in a bid to speed up legal proceedings regarding his alleged murder and Bt300-million share embezzlement.

“The Crime Suppression Division forwarded the [alleged embezzlement] case to public prosecutors on October 7 last year with recommendations that four suspects should be arraigned. But to date, public prosecutors have not yet made a decision on the case,” Chuwong’s elder sister Wanpen Thanathamsiri said yesterday.
Chuwong died in suspicious circumstances on June 26 last year. He was found dead in the front passenger seat of a car driven by Pol Lt-Colonel Banyin Tangphakorn, a former deputy commerce minister and Nakhon Sawan MP, who crashed the car into a tree en route to Chuwong’s home.
The tycoon’s family lodged complaints against Banyin soon after upon finding grounds to suspect that Chuwong’s shares had been manipulated.

Banyin’s alleged forgery
Police have looked into the alleged share manipulations, gathered evidence and concluded that Banyin, Kantana Siwathanapon, former stock broker Uracha Wachirakulton and Uracha’s mother Sritara Promma should face legal action for alleged document forgery, theft and acceptance of ill-gotten gains.
Last month, Banyin was charged with murdering Chuwong. The arrest took place while he was staying at a resort with Uracha.
Wanpen revealed yesterday that she would seek a meeting with Attorney-General Pongniwat Yuthapanboriparn |to request the share manipu-lation and murder cases be sped up.
“I will also file a petition to the Justice minister,” she said after a one-hour meeting with Sutti Kittisupaporn, the director-general of the Office of the Attorney-General’s Department of Criminal Litigation.
Sutti told Wanpen that the public prosecutor in charge of Chuwong’s share case had yet to make a decision because he was waiting for the results of an additional investigation and reviewing the suspects’ petition for justice.
“Apparently, the decision has not yet been made because there are lots of documents involved,” Sutti said.
Wanpen said she hoped the cases could be speed up because the suspects might try to interfere in the judicial process.

Published : July 25, 2016

By : Kesinee Taengkhiao The Nation