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The bullet that hurts - but never kills

Researchers from Kasetsart University have invented an alternative “first shot” bullet for pistols, which would cause some pain but never a death.



They have devised the new bullet especially for state officers’ use in crowd/riot control or in apprehending a suspect. It is hoped the invention helps to reduce human rights violations and loss of life as well as boosting officers’ awareness about correct gun use.

The bullet that hurts - but never kills
Weerachai Phutdhawong, a Chemistry professor and head of the research project, said that state officers working in emergency situations normally faced intense pressure and only had a short time to act, thus posing a higher risk of overreaction and loss of life. The researchers created an alternative bullet that could be used with pistols as the first shot, he said. 
This bullet would only cause enough injury to stop suspects in their tracks but would not cause death. If the first shot couldn’t stop the suspect(s), state officers could still use live bullets after that in accordance with the law.

The bullet that hurts - but never kills

The bullet that hurts - but never kills
The alternative bullet is one of many various inventions included in a project seeking weaponry innovations for the armed forces and country defence.
They were presented on Wednesday at the signing of a third memorandum of understanding (2017-2021) between researchers and the Army at the university’s Bang Khen Campus.

The bullet that hurts - but never kills

Published : August 23, 2017

By : Rachanon Intharaksa The Nation