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Body of Thai man with yakuza-style tattoo found in Chao Phraya

The body of a Thai man with a yakuza-style tattoo was found floating in the Chao Phraya River near a Bangkok temple on Monday.



Officers from rhe Pak Klong San police station, who were alerted at 9am, found a man who appeared to be between 20 and 30 years old. He had tattoo of dragon and craft scales in black, red and green extending from his neck to his wrists and ankles.

He also had Thai words tattooed to his wrists that formed a sentence, saying “Bia loves … Pued of Wat Plap”.
Police said the man had a wound on his head, indicating that he may have been hit. He carried no identification card, but a motorcycle key, a lighter and a pack of cigarettes were found in his shirt pocket.
A doctor, who inspected the body at the scene, said the man appeared to have been dead for three days.

Published : February 12, 2018

By : The Nation