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WEDNESDAY, February 08, 2023
Essilor Thailand marks anniversary with Centara Grand event

Essilor Thailand marks anniversary with Centara Grand event

FRIDAY, July 06, 2018

Essilor Distribution (Thailand) Co Ltd, the world leader in the manufacture, assembly and distribution of optical lenses as part of Essilor Group (France), celebrates its 12th anniversary with a year of exciting activities for consumers in digital era.

The anniversary programme emphasises Essilor’s world leadership in vision solutions, and now takes the company through the important step of digital economy integration and digital society integration as part of its Thailand 4.0 strategy. 
The anniversary celebration is hosted at Centara Grand at Central World and will express gratitude to partners and customers via special activities. 
The programme showcases innovations in eye examination, lens fitting and dispensing as well as the latest lens technology, and also hosts a short business seminar on Essilor’s business readiness in the digital era.
The company will commence the celebrations by introducing a cutting-edge digital dispensing technology which goes beyond the traditional measurement practice to help determine a whole number of fitting characteristics for glasses frames. 
Essilor also introduces technology to measure the “physique” of the eyes and eye behaviour to design the optimum lens for the best vision and frame choice. 
These devices accurately measure points on the lens to position the lens directly on the centre of the eye in order to achieve clarity and comfort.
Essilor is also highlighting a new innovation in lens materials, “Airwear”, which is highly impact resistant, virtually unbreakable and lighter than a normal lens. 
Airwear is made from a proprietary polycarbonate resin patented by Essilor – the same material Nasa uses to make visors for its astronauts. 
Polycarbonate is widely used in everyday products including computers, car headlights and helmets, but Airwear utilises the latest R&D improvements resulting in a purer material resin designed specifically for the optical industry. 
The result is a superior lens material that provides optimum optical performance that is 12 times stronger than the standard plastic lenses and also provides 100-per-cent UV protection.
Besides being tough and durable, Airwear is produced via an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. 
One hundred percent of the production waste from Airwear lenses is recycled, greatly reducing the environmental footprint put forth by the manufacturing process. 
With the production of all lenses comes the inevitable waste. However, waste produced from the manufacturing of Airwear lenses is given a second life in other industries, such as in automobiles and toys.
Thissadee Tulyaanukij, Managing Director, said, “Essilor Distribution (Thailand) is celebrating by looking back at Essilor Group history, a remarkable path of innovation and achievement spanning 170 years. This has put our expertise at the service of customers, with an ongoing commitment to vision enhancement through the designing, manufacturing and distributing of ophthalmic lenses and equipment for eye care professionals.
“To be the leader in the manufacture and assembly of optical lenses and the development of modern solutions and technologies for opticians and optometrists throughout the world, we’re constantly looking at technology and seeking opportunities to enhance our digital offerings for customers in lockstep. So we have innovation on the horizon that will have much more impact on both our partners and our customers when delivered in synergy with the digital space. We see it as an obligation as a leader in the industry to continue researching and evaluating the technologies that are out there for the benefit of Essilor customers.”