Thu, January 20, 2022


Cabinet reveals new year ‘gifts'

A free internet connection, a free tour of 10 Bangkok temples, Bt40,000 funeral assistance and free emergency medical treatment for 72 hours at all hospitals are among the “new year gifts" that the cabinet has approved this week, said government spokeswoman Col Thaksada Saengkachan.

With an election looming, the Digital Economy and Society Ministry also unveiled eight projects, including a TOT PCL free internet connection for three months for those registered for the Pracharath Network by January 15. 
The Culture Ministry's seven projects including a free one-day tour from 8am-4.30pm from December 30 - January 1 using Bangkok Mass Transit Authority's air-conditioned buses to visit 10 temples from the Chakkri Dynasty. 
The Labour Ministry's five projects include Bt40,000 funeral assistance extending to temporary employees and state staff, the spokeswoman said.
The government also approved a project under Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Department of Consular Affairs to provide translations for 16 state-issued Thai documents, such as birth, marriage, divorce and name-changing certificates into English until January 5 before submission for certifying, she said. 
Three projects from the Public Health Ministry were also approved. These included a mobile medical service project, a project to provide a genetic screening to detect allergy to carbamazepine, to relieve certain types of nerve pain, for 10,000 people. There is also a project to produce smart ID cards for "Aor Sor Mor" health promotion volunteers in 76 provinces so they can withdraw cash via ATMs. 
The cabinet also approved three Agriculture Ministry projects, including free admission to agricultural "attractions".

Published : December 19, 2018

By : The Nation