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WEDNESDAY, February 08, 2023
Wheelchair-bound man found shot dead in Chiang Mai

Wheelchair-bound man found shot dead in Chiang Mai

TUESDAY, March 05, 2019

A wheelchair-bound man was found dead with two gunshot wounds under a flyover in Chiang Mai’s Meuang district on Tuesday morning, police said.

The district police station was alerted at 7.30am that a body had been discovered in a wheelchair beneath a flyover on the Chiang Mai-Lampong road in Tambon Tha Sala.

Wheelchair-bound man found shot dead in Chiang Mai
The man, who has yet to be identified, had gunshot wounds to the chest and right temple.
The deceased, wheelchair-bound due to his legs having been amputated, appeared to come from a well-to-do family, as he wore a luxury watch and his wheelchair was an expensive imported brand, police said. 
An STI .45 pistol was found on his lap.
Police have yet to conduct ballistic tests to establish whether his death was the result of a murder in disguise, or a suicide.
Phet Chakbuakham, a truck driver who had parked his vehicle to take a rest under the flyover, said he heard two loud bangs at around 2am to 3 am, but he thought it was the sound of firecrackers and did not look outside his cab to check further.