Taxi driver found dead of mysterious cause


A taxi driver was found dead in an abandoned courtyard in Samut Prakarn province on Monday (April 13). His wife said he might have contracted Covid-19.

Police officers and rescue volunteers headed to the scene after being notified and found a body on a concrete barrier next to a car with the engine still running.
The car registration showed his name was Sriprai Tiansawang, 49. He had no injuries while there were no indications that his car was ransacked. The police found only hand sanitisers and an alcohol spray in the vehicle.
His body was wrapped in plastic bags and sent to the Institution of Forensic Science to investigate the actual cause of death.
Sriprai’s wife Suchada, 37, who learned of the incident from her neighbour, told police that her husband had a cough for two weeks but showed no fever or any other symptoms. She nevertheless suspected that he was infected with the virus.
The police then checked her body temperature, as they were afraid that she might be infected with Covid-19 from her husband. But the result was normal. However, they asked her to quarantine herself for 14 days.
They assumed that the victim might have stopped his car to urinate, but suddenly died. Even though his wife said that he could have had Covid-19, the police have not concluded the case yet.