Sun, May 29, 2022


Thailand 'not free from pandemic threat yet'

Thailand cannot be considered safe from the Covid-19 pandemic, although there have been no new domestic cases for over 28 days, as the virus could spread at anytime, Dr Yong Poovorawan, Chulalongkorn Hospital clinical virology expert, warned on his Facebook page.

The doctor said on Thursday (June 11) that if the illness takes 14 days for incubation, 28 days will be enough to demonstrate that a country is free from the virus.
Covid-19, however, has spread not only in Thailand but also in other countries across the world. The infected countries in Asia, for example, are India and Bangladesh, which is in the same zone as Thailand, according to the epidemiological view.
Dr Yong concluded his post that Thailand needed to continue preventive measures, and it was not easy to get rid of the virus completely from Thailand and other countries in the world.

Published : June 11, 2020