Thu, October 28, 2021


Kanchanaburi’s ‘soda fountain’ produces top-quality mineral water: DGR

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The Department of Groundwater Resources (DGR) confirmed on Monday that the carbonated water from the recently discovered “soda fountain” in Kanchanaburi is drinkable and that the 500,000-cubic metre fountain may help ease drought problems in the area.

Sakda Vicheansil, DGR director-general, said the fountain in Huay Krajao district produces the same quality of mineral water like that found in renowned places in Germany and France. Hence, he said, DGR is getting ready to install a filter to reduce iron content, so people can consume the water straight from the source.

He said the department had submitted samples for laboratory tests and learned the water has no contaminants or toxic substances and can be freely consumed.

Tests also found that the minerals in the water match those present in other famous mineral water sources, including up to 2,500 milligrams per litre of bicarbonate, 1.5mg/litre of fluoride and high levels of natural iron which can be filtered out.

DGR is planning to put the area under the Groundwater Act 1977 and is also looking for ways of distributing the water to nearby villages experiencing drought. DGR also believes this will ease the problem of illegal drilling for groundwater.

He added that according to the Subdistrict Administration Organisation, the price of land near the “soda fountain” has shot up.



Published : February 15, 2021

By : The Nation