Thu, October 28, 2021


No problems reported as ministry disburses Bt5.7 billion under cash handout scheme

The Ministry of Labour on Monday disbursed over Bt5.72 billion cash to those registered for the latest cash handout scheme -- “Mor33 Rao Rak Kan” (Section33 We Love Each Other) -- without any problem, Minister Suchart Chomklin said.

The scheme offers Bt4,000 via the Pao Tang application to Thai nationals under Section 33 of the Social Security Act who do not hold a state welfare card, have not joined the Rao Chana (We Win) scheme and have less than Bt500,000 in savings.

“Monday is the first day that we have transferred the first lot of Bt1,000 to registrants under the scheme. So far there is no report of problems such as the system malfunctioning or people not receiving their money,” he said.

“So far 5,720,967 people have been approved to receive the handout, or 77 per cent of total people who are qualified.”

Suchart added that it was estimated the scheme would help inject more than Bt11.4 billion into the economy.

“The next instalment of cash would be disbursed on March 29, April 5 and April 12 respectively at Bt1,000 per time,” he added.

“Recipients can spend the money at participating merchants from 6am to 11pm daily until May 31.”

People who had already registered but were not accepted can submit an appeal before March 28 at www.ม33เรารักกัน.com Those who do not have a smart phone to receive the money via Pao Tang application can contact Social Security office in their province during office hours, while presenting a smart ID card to verify their identity.

Published : March 23, 2021