PM must resign over vaccine procurement fiasco, says opposition leader


Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha is unable to rule the country judging by his government’s results over the past few years, Seri Ruam Thai leader Sereepisuth Temeeyaves said on Thursday.

Sereepisuth told Parliament he suspected Thailand had received Covid-19 vaccines later than other countries because procurement was linked to Prayut’s hidden interests.

However, he added that his suspicions stemmed from his experience rather than witnesses or hard evidence. But he and his team would seek evidence to prove the allegation.

“The PM always complains to the press that any eligible person can take his role. But this man does not dare to step down from power. His work in the past is already proof that the PM is unable to rule the country. It is time for him to leave,” Sereepisuth stated.

Only 0.82 per cent of Thailand’s population had been vaccinated against Covid-19 as of Tuesday (April 20), according to Oxford University’s “Our World in Data” report.

The report ranks Thailand eighth-lowest among the 10 Asean countries for the share of the population that have received at least one vaccination.