Thu, October 28, 2021


Thailand drops 4 places in Covid Resilience Ranking

Thailand has fallen four places in the latest Covid Resilience Ranking published by Bloomberg, reflecting the third wave of infections that emerged last month.

However, Thailand is still ranked 13th among 53 countries listed in Bloomberg’s “Covid Resilience Ranking, The Best and Worst Places to Be as Variants Outrace Vaccinations”, published last month.

Singapore topped the rankings, followed by New Zealand, Australia, Israel and Taiwan.

Singapore has already administered vaccines to 20 per cent of its population”, Bloomberg noted.

By contrast, Thailand had administered vaccines to just 1.65 per cent of its population as of Tuesday (May 4), according to Oxford University’s “Our World in Data” project.

Bloomberg says its Resilience Ranking uses a wide range of data to capture where Covid-19 is handled most effectively, with the least social and economic disruption.

Scoring lowest on resilience among the 53 countries ranked was Brazil.

Published : May 06, 2021

By : The Nation