Sat, November 27, 2021


How using personal cars for call-taxi services is win-win for all

The Cabinet on Tuesday approved a draft regulation proposed by the Transport Ministry allowing people to register their personal vehicles for commercial use.

The new regulation is expected to go into effect by July.

The Nation Thailand explains here why this regulation is necessary and who will benefit from it.

Proposal made two years ago

The ministerial regulation was proposed to not just make it easy for commuters to call a cab and see the fare beforehand, but also to ensure service providers run the business according to law.

Call-taxi services are currently in violation of Article 21 of the 1979 Vehicle Act, and violators can face a fine of no more than 2,000 baht.

The new regulation will specify the following:

• Cars or vans will be registered under three categories based on engine size:

1. Small (50-90kW)

2. Medium (90-120kW)

3. Large (over 120kW)

• All call-taxi service providers must get an operating licence from the Department of Land Transport and display it clearly on their vehicles.

• All call-taxi drivers must have a public vehicle driver licence and have no police records.

• The fare for the first two kilometres will be set at no more than 50 baht for small vehicles and no more than 200 baht for large vehicles. After the first two kilometres, passengers will be charged 12 baht and 50 baht per kilometre, respectively.

• If the vehicle is stationary, passengers of small cars will be charged 3 baht per minute and 10 baht per minute for large vehicles.

• Service providers can collect a service charge of 50 baht for small vehicles and 100 baht for large ones.

Who benefits

Ordinary taxis and call-taxis have been clashing for many years now because people prefer calling for a cab rather than flagging one down on the street.

Besides, flagging running cabs have posed many problems for users, such as the cabbie denying service because he has to return the car back or there is not enough fuel.

Hence, the new regulation will benefit passengers because they will not have to worry about such problems.

The regulation will also be beneficial for taxi drivers as they can use their personal vehicle as a taxicab.

Published : May 27, 2021

By : The Nation