Suspect in Nakhon Sawan murder case screams for justice


A police officer implicated in the murder of a drug dealer in Nakhon Sawan demanded justice before he and other suspects were taken into custody.

Of the six murder suspects, five were arrested on Wednesday and taken to the Nakhon Sawan provincial court for detention. While being taken away, Pol Lt-Colonel Paweekorn Kammariew yelled demanding justice.

The six are implicated in a murder case that was captured on CCTV and went viral on social media last week. The clip showed Muang Nakhon Sawan Police Station’s superintendent, Pol Colonel Thitisan Uthanapol, and his team trying to suffocate a drug suspect after demanding a 2-million-baht bribe. The clip ended with an image of the suspect lying dead.

Thitisan was first transferred to an inactive post on Sunday and finally sacked on Tuesday. An arrest warrant accusing him of participating in illegal acts, collaborating to intimidate an individual and committing murder has also been issued.

However, Thitisan is still at large and authorities believe he may be hiding in Tak. Border police in the province have been told to keep an eye out for him as it is believed he may try to flee to Myanmar.

Though people cannot cross border checkpoints due to strict Covid-19 measures, cargo trucks are still allowed across.