Fri, August 12, 2022


Thailand gets WHO stamp of approval for jab standards

Thailand’s National Regulatory Authority (NRA) for vaccines was given a Maturity Level 3 mark – the second-highest in the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s classification system.

The classification was announced on August 27 by Dr Marieangela Simao, assistant director-general to WHO’s Access to Medicines and Health Products, at the virtual International Conference of Drug Regulatory Authorities (ICDRA) held between September 20 to 24.

Government spokesman Thanakorn Wangboonkonghchana explained that evaluation is based on the quality, safety and effectiveness of vaccines distributed in a country. Thailand getting the third level means its vaccine supervision system is stable and integration work systematic. The ranking has four levels.

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“The WHO said Thailand has enhanced its NRA for vaccines to meet increasing domestic demands, especially the immunisation jabs for children. It also praised Thailand for producing trusted vaccines that can be exported and contribute to the regional and global vaccine supply. The country has also strived to continuously expand its vaccine regulatory guidelines and develop drugs and other medical products,” he said.

Published : October 11, 2021