Thu, December 02, 2021


Bangkok hotel rejects claims it is up for sale

The River Side Bangkok Hotel issued an official statement on Sunday to dismiss rumours that it was up for sale at a price tag of more than 6 billion baht. The hotel’s lawyer said somebody pretending to be a representative of the owner announced the so-called sale on social media last week.

Apichart Patcharapinyopong, the managing director and owner of River Side Hotel Bangkok in Bang Plhat district has assigned a lawyer to file a report at Bowon Mongkol police station on Sunday in the case of someone pretending to be a hotel agent on social media. The pretender allegedly said he had a contact of the hotel owner and had continuously advertised the sale of the hotel at more than 6 billion baht.

Apichart said that such action had caused serious damage to the hotel's reputation and misunderstandings to those who received the information. He would like to inform the person to stop disseminating false information for further benefit. Otherwise, the hotel will take legal action to the utmost.

The managing director further clarified that the River Side Hotel Bangkok has been a family-owned company for more than 35 years, with no other shareholder. The hotel management is still in operation and the hotel is to resume the service in December without a policy to sell the property.

Published : October 31, 2021