Most Thais find free access to porn totally unacceptable, survey finds


Most people are dead against making pornography free for all because they believe it will get children obsessed with sex, a survey revealed on Sunday.

The Nida Poll on “free access to porn", conducted on November 22-24, covered 1,315 people aged 18 and above across the nation.

The survey found that 54.14 per cent of the respondents had never read pornographic magazines, 45.78 per cent admitted they had, while 0.08 per cent chose the do not know/will not answer/not interested option.

Meanwhile, 56.50 per cent admitted to watching pornography and 43.50 per cent denied doing so.

When asking whether respondents wanted free access to pornography, the responses were divided:

• 62.89 per cent strongly disagreed claiming it would get children obsessed with sex, went against Buddhism and may lead to crime and sexual harassment.

• 14.15 per cent disagreed, claiming it would have a long-standing impact on children, while some said age restrictions should be applied.

• 12.55 per cent said they found it acceptable as we live in modern society, while some said it was human nature and a personal right.

• 7.98 per cent strongly agreed as they believe porn can create jobs, while some pointed out that the pornography industry will continue flourishing even if it is not made legal.

• 2.43 per cent said they do not know/will not answer/not interested.

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