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SATURDAY, December 02, 2023

Thai women watch more porn than men: study

Thai women watch more porn than men: study
SUNDAY, March 12, 2017

Thai women are watching more porn on their smartphones than men, a new study has claimed.

And you thought she was just playing Candy Crush….
New research from adult site PornHub has given the greatest insight yet into exactly how women consume adult entertainment online, Thaivisa website reported.
The site quoted a research from PornHub Insights [SFW], 80 per cent of women access the site from a mobile device, compared to 69 per cent of men.
Broken down, PornHub found that 71 per cent of its female visitors access the site via their smartphone, with the other nine per cent using a tablet.
PornHub said that its study found that 26 per cent per cent of its total visitors were female and that women were 16 per cent more likely to access the site using a smartphone than a desktop computer.

Thai women watch more porn than men: study
The use of mobile devices as the method of choice for viewing porn has dramatically increased over the last few years and it now accounts for around 72 per cent of all web traffic.
Perhaps unsurprisingly it is Millennials that are leading the way, with the research suggesting that it is viewers aged 18-34 who tended to opt for smartphones more with the percentage of those using desktops increasing with age.
Globally, it was South Africa that had most female viewers using a mobile device – 91 per cent whereas the US was 89 per cent.
In Thailand, women are 38 per cent more likely to be using mobile than men, the study revealed. But this figure trailed behind neighbouring Malaysia at 84 per cent or fellow-Asean member Indonesia at 80 per cent.

Thai women watch more porn than men: study
The study also found that 53 per cent of female users opted for the Android devices with 45 per cent viewing using iOS.
However, PornHub was not able to provide any insight as to exactly why women prefer watching adult content from their smartphone.