Thu, January 20, 2022


Prayut hopes Thailand’s developed business scene will attract more foreign investors

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Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha attended a teleconference with the US-Asean Business Council on Monday to discuss trade and foreign investment.

Also participating were representatives of large multinational companies. The annual meeting highlighted the changes and developments made in Thailand’s health, technology, digital, medicine and service sectors, and how these changes can help businesses planning to invest in the country.

Prayut said he was happy to see the progress and will push through more policies to introduce changes as soon as possible.

The premier also said that Washington has no problem cooperating with his government, even though Thailand was not included in the US-hosted Summit for Democracy.

He pointed out that Anthony Blinken, President Joe Biden’s chief foreign affairs adviser, is slated to visit Thailand, indicating that Washington still considers the Kingdom important.

He also confirmed that the US has made no comments on Thai politics and will not interfere.

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Prayut asked for cooperation from everyone to help make Thailand stable, adding that the country cannot move forward if there is confusion.

As for the new Covid-19 variant, Prayut said people should not worry too much now that entries from southern Africa have been banned. The variant was first detected in South Africa and spread to other countries in the region.

Prayut also urged people to get their Covid-19 jabs, adding that those waiting for alternative vaccines should trust and take the free jabs offered by the government as soon as possible to build herd immunity.

Published : November 29, 2021