Thu, January 20, 2022


Nine ‘well-mannered’ doggy diners capture netizens’ hearts

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Nine dogs all dressed up and fully accessorised, waiting to be served at a dinner table by their owner, took the Thai internet by storm on Monday.

The video, posted by Facebook user Ma Ma Phu Narak, went viral overnight with more than 70,000 likes, 10,000 shares and 5,700 comments.

Viewers applauded the dogs’ table manners as they patiently waited their turn without fighting for food, while others said the owner must be highly skilled in canine training.

Even more remarkable is that all nine pooches are rescue dogs, according to the poster.

“These dogs are all former strays. The owner rescued them from dumping sites, a forest, a temple or the roadside,” read the description to the video. The names of the nine dogs are as follows: Songkran, Hero, Deeddin, Money, Book, Bank, Odd-on, Jidrid and Nin.”

Published : January 04, 2022