Wed, July 06, 2022


Resurrected candidate Kraidej kicks off last-ditch bid in Bangkok

The Bangkok gubernatorial line-up now has a brand-new candidate, who was only given permission to start campaigning on Friday – just two days before the capital starts voting.

Kraidej Bunnag had been disqualified by the Election Commission for allegedly owning shares in a publication called “Highlight Buntherng”.

Election candidates are prohibited by law from owning a media company.

Kraidej’s disqualification orders came on April 11, just days after the registration of candidates was completed. However, the Central Administration Court issued an injunction on Wednesday, ordering the authorities to let him join the 30 other candidates contesting for the governor’s seat.

Kraidej, candidate No 19 from the Plung Sungkom Mai Party, said on Friday that though he only has two days for campaigning, he will do his best.

“I will continue trying hard because I wish to work for the people,” he told Nation TV, adding that he hopes Bangkok voters will be “kind” to him.

He said that the initial disqualification substantially reduced his campaigning period, “but I have to respect the law”.

As part of his campaign on Friday, he met with a group of Muslim voters at the Islamic Centre of Thailand.

Published : May 20, 2022