Sun, June 26, 2022


Chadchart visits Vachirabenjatas Park, Lam Sali to tackle problems

Bangkok Governor-elect Chadchart Sittipunt visited Vachirabenjatas Park in Chatuchak district on Wednesday morning to draw up guidelines to improve the area in line with his policies to make “Bangkok a liveable city for everyone”.

Many residents, including joggers in the area, came over to encourage Chadchart and take photos with him.

The to-be governor promised he would solve problems at the park, such as setting up bathrooms, installing emergency rescue equipment and improving its flood protection system and parking areas.

He pointed out that investment to tackle these issues is not that high but provides a lot of benefits.

“A joggers club at the park has already come up with bathroom designs, so we have to check what can we do for them,” Chadchart said.

Chadchart visits Vachirabenjatas Park, Lam Sali to tackle problems

He said Vachirabenjatas Park would be opened at 4am to reduce congestion, adding that areas where children can hold activities will be opened every weekend.

“If the government and private sector cooperates, Bangkok will move forward,” he pointed out.

Chadchart said 50 kilometres of jogging trails would be set up in 50 districts across Bangkok, adding that runners will be allowed to determine where the trails, toilets and drinking water dispensers will be set up.

After the survey, Chadchart headed to Bang Kapi’s Lam Sali Intersection in the afternoon to check out the problems there relating to traffic and pavements, so he could turn his campaign policies into reality.

Published : May 25, 2022