Thailand battered by 9 storms simultaneously tops list of fake news this week


Thailand being hit by nine storms at the same time was among the top 10 fake news items detected by the Digital Economy and Society Ministry from August 19 to 25.

Noppawan Huajaiman, the ministry’s spokesperson, said on Sunday that Thailand usually gets a lot of rain during August, which may have resulted in so many fake weather reports.

Apart from the nine storms that will supposedly hit Thailand, another fake report claims the country will be hit by three storms simultaneously.

Noppawan said the only way people can be sure of weather reports is if they read reports published by the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) instead of believing rumours circulated on social media. She said weather can be monitored on the website or by calling TMD’s 1182 hotline.

From last Friday to Thursday, the ministry has studied 319 social media posts and found 166 to be fake, she said. Noppawan added that 10 per cent of the fake news was related to weather and natural disasters.

The top 10 fake news shared on social media from August 19 to 25 were:

1. South Korea has created more than 3,000 jobs for Thai workers with monthly salaries starting from 70,000 baht.

2. The Government Savings Bank (GSB) lets people apply for loans worth 5,000 to 300,000 baht by registering via Line application.

3. GSB has launched a new website.

4. Thailand will be battered by nine storms simultaneously all this week, unleashing floods in Bangkok.

5. The GSB has sent text messages encouraging people to apply for loans worth 30,000 baht.

6. The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) will let members of the public buy shares for as little as 1,415 baht.

7. Chewing and swallowing three papaya seeds without water can cure last-stage cancer.

8. The SET has launched an investment campaign with a starting fund of 950 baht.

9. The SET has launched an investment campaign with a starting fund of 899 baht.

10. Krung Thai Bank is taking applications for loans of up to 200,000 baht via Line.