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Lao province pushing crops, livestock breeding for export

The Xayaboury provincial authorities in Laos have stressed the need to further promote crop production and animal husbandry for commercial purposes as a means to generate wealth for local people.
Provincial Governor Phongsavanh Sitthavong told Lao media recently that agricultural output for commercial purposes was continuing to expand, particularly the production of sweetcorn, Job’s tears and cassava.
“Over the past six months of this year, the value of our exports has reached US$22 million, equal to 64 per cent of the plan for the whole year,” he said.
“Unfortunately, imports climbed to $63 million because a lot of fuel needed for construction of the Laos-China railway in the northern provinces is imported through Xayaboury.”
Last year, the province produced 280,000 tonnes of sweetcorn and 180,000 tonnes of Job’s tears. In addition, the province exported 30,000 tonnes of cassava powder to China.
Following the building of a new factory, Xayaboury expects to export 40,000 tonnes of cassava powder to China this year.
Phongsavanh said Xayaboury places great importance on boosting commercial production as this will help to alleviate people’s poverty.
Under the agricultural promotion programme, the province has allocated more parcels of land to farmers so they can grow more crops.
The authorities have also set up agriculture centres to help farmers learn new methods of growing good quality crops that can supply market needs. For instance, farmers have learnt how to dry crops for market supply.
One of the most interesting developments is that many farmers are now growing grass to feed the cattle they are breeding. – The Vientiane Times

‘Prices in riel’ fails to stick
A government government order that requires all businesses to post prices of their goods and services in the local riel currency has had little impact on pricing practices, with the vast majority of businesses in Cambodia continuing to quote prices in US dollars and authorities showing little resolve to enforce the decree.
The Ministry of Commerce issued the order in July in what it stated was an effort to increase consumer transparency and boost the use of the national currency.
“It is compulsory for all businesses and service providers that are doing business in Cambodia to put a price tag on their products and services in Khmer riel,” the order announced. “Any business that doesn’t implement the order will be held responsible by law.” – Phnom Penh Post 

First VN business summit 
The first-ever Vietnam Business Summit will be held at Da Nanag City on November 7 within the framework of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) meeting of the 21 leaders of the economies, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce (VCCI) announced Monday.
The Vietnam Business Summit (VBS) is one of four major business events planned for the Apec Economic Leaders’ Week. It will be held in conjunction with investment promotion exhibitions by 63 provinces and cities across the |country.
Focusing on business opportunities in Vietnam , the VBS is expected to be held annually from next year. – Viet Nam News 

Published : October 10, 2017

By : Asia News Network