Thu, January 20, 2022


18 lines provide container services

EIGHTEEN container shipping lines with 51 vessels are providing container-handling services at the container ports in Yangon, Myanmar.

Yangon has six container ports – AWPT, HPT, MIP, MITT, BSW and AIPT – with berths for 69 vessels. A total of 51 vessels are currently operating.
“Eighteen container shipping lines are currently allowed and there are 51 vessels running, but 19 |have stopped,” said an official of Myanmar Port Authority.
A port EDI (electronic data interchange) system will be introduced at Myanmar’s ports this month, allowing the tracking of arrivals and departures and exchange of other information, according to the Directorate of Water Transport.
The Myanmar Port Authority has also issued a new order this month regarding the fees importers are required to pay shipping line representatives to carry out port clearance. The order stated that the consignee can submit a bill of lading (receipt for the cargo), and that box operators must not collect detention charges above the actual rate. 


Published : October 10, 2017