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‘Ruff’ start for animal shelter

ON a hilly plot of land in Relau, a safe haven for stray dogs and cats is taking shape.

Run by the Penang Animal Sanctuary Society (PASS), the place on a 0.25ha plot is leased from the Penang Island City Council for three years.

Over the last few years, the society had tirelessly worked to get the place in order to house the stray animals.

PASS co-founder Nornee Lim said it was a tough task getting this plot and another 1.01ha plot for the second phase of the project.

“We flattened certain parts of the terrain and did some landscaping to create a conducive atmosphere for the animals. “We’ve spent about RM500,000 so far and more is needed to run the sanctuary.

“Presently, it has only 20 dogs,” she said, adding that the project was in its first phase and that when completed, the sanctuary would be able to house some 1,000 strays.

“We have a group of 20 professionals who have been working hard to solicit funds for the sanctuary.

‘The work is never-ending as we need a lot of resources.


‘Ruff’ start for animal shelter

“We managed to secure this place after many years of hard work including numerous meetings. “The current lease is not long enough and we are seeking a 20-year lease.

“We need volunteers to take care of the animals and we also do not have an in-house veterinarian,” she said.

The sanctuary will rescue the strays and send them to the councils to be spayed or neutered before placing them in the sanctuary.

Volunteers who are interested to help and those wishing to donate funds or adopt strays can call Lim (013-4168324).

Published : June 22, 2019

By : The Star Asia News Network