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Kevin Head Live

Sep 27. 2013
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By The Nation

Kevin Head (Head Acres)
It's been 16 years since Canadian troubadour Kevin Head last committed himself to the recording studio, so it's a treat for his far-flung fans to catch up with him again on this self-titled release. As added bonuses, this one's recorded live (with an excellent band), and one of his best tunes, "Everybody Needs a Backyard (To Return To)", gets a welcome reprise. A gifted guitarist, Head played in Toronto-area rock bands once upon a time before moving east and embracing hardcore folk, only to gradually let the blues seep back into his still-wide-ranging repertoire. The outstanding tracks here are "What Can I Say" and "The Arrow", both quieter and more reflective than the balance of upbeat, almost swinging music. Onstage he's fun and funny, but the sombre passages of his shows are always the ones you remember best.
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