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Another case of misconstrued messages

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Re: “Expat champion of poor, or inverted snob”, Letters, August 26.



I agree with Songdej Praditsmanont that Eric Bahrt (“Letters from wealthy Thais give false picture”, August 25) was out of line, but for different reasons. Eric appeared to be agreeing with my missive of August 22 about the reasons for Thai economic success, but in reality he was just using my words out of context to further his ongoing crusade against the current government.
Eric, you have a habit of doing that to people and I wish you would stop. I suggested that no government over the past two generations was responsible for any of the economic success Thailand has enjoyed, and you bastardised my words to suit your own purposes. 
It is a sad truism that so many of the letter writers find it necessary to subtly or flagrantly try to discredit other writers by quoting them out of context or crediting them with thoughts they never had. These writers, obviously lacking any original thought, find it necessary to revert to subterfuge to try and make their case. I pity them.
John Arnone 

Published : August 26, 2016