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MONDAY, October 03, 2022
Best antidote to fiery venom is cool reason

Best antidote to fiery venom is cool reason

MONDAY, August 28, 2017
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Re: “Mystery behind the cheap insults and hypocrisy”, Letters, August 27.

Simon Ordsall obviously calls it as he sees it, and on balance his observations are right, and I would think born of indignation and outrage, given some of the hard-right venom splattered all over this column. Some of us have been subjected to this form of abuse several times, usually by craven “Collective Voice aliases” to hide real identities. But big deal. 
The problem with Ordsall is the inflammatory rhetoric he uses to clobber the foolhardy. However, these foolhardy beings have been doing the same thing for ages with their mentally prepubescent prattling, so he isn’t the only one by any means.
As I noted the other day, the editorial staff here have the final say. If they think something is worthy of publication, they commit it to print. I have no doubt that many letters to this column don’t pass muster at all.
Berating Ordsall, Nigel Pike peevishly says he is not JC Wilcox. (Mandy Rice-Davies, paraphrased: “Well he would, wouldn’t he?”)  Quite right; I wouldn’t want to be, either.
Dr Frank