Saturday, June 12, 2021


Israel enforced its red line

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Israel did what it had to do to safeguard its civilians and indeed the entire nation when it put down the recent Gaza terrorist riots.



They were indeed riots – a mob rolling burning tyres, throwing Molotov cocktails, sending swastika-decorated kite bombs, and trying to breach the Israeli borders. How the pro-
terrorist crowd can call that a “peaceful protest” boggles the mind. Stephff’s cartoons are biased from the get-go and without context. If Stephff’s home country of France had been as vigilant as Israel is in defending itself against Islamist terrorism, hundreds of French citizens would be alive today.
Yingwai Suchaovanich’s remarks about Donald Trump recognising Jerusalem as capital of Israel to pander to Jewish voters were not only racist and cynical, but totally out of sync with current events. Please read up on modern politics. American policy has been to move the US embassy to Jerusalem as far back as 1995.
And naturally a few writers dragged out the same, exhausted fantasy statements about Israel really belonging to Palestine. 
The UN recognised Israel as a nation in 1948. It is today recognized by 159 countries. The Palestinians were also offered a country, but chose to wage war and annihilate Israel. They and five Arab armies were defeated, so they lost their right to claim their own country.
When Islamist violence crosses into any nation, the bloodshed is incalculable. Study what the Islamist extremists do to each other. The Iran-Iraq war – 1 million casualties; the Syrian civil war – 400,000 dead. Thousands dead in Libya, Turkey, Somalia. What would the Islamic extremists do if they breached the fence and swarmed into Israel?
Study what the Islamic extremists do when they murder others. Just days ago, the Islamic extremists had a nine-year-old child blow up Indonesian Christians. Study the massacres of Christians in Egypt, the 300 children killed in Beslan, Russia, the death and destruction (166 killed) in Mumbai, India by only six Islamic terrrorists.
If a mob of 40,000 Hamas-inspired rioters had fanned into Israel, the bloodshed would have been unimaginable. 
The Palestinians brought children – including an 8-month-old to the front line of the riots. If they use their own children as human shields, what would they do to Israeli children? That is why Israel is a red line that the extremists do not cross.
Ben Levin

Published : May 19, 2018