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In the pink with Himalayan salt

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Bangkok's lovely RarinJinda Wellness Spa works healthful magic with minearls



BOASTING MORE than 84 minerals, Himalayan Salt is aid to promote pH balance and purify the breathing system and now it’s available as a new spa treatment programme that aims to help urbanistas escape the pollution of the city. 
The treatment, which is dubbed the Siamese Himalayan Salt Therapy, is being offered at the luxurious RarinJinda Wellness Spa’s Ploenchit branch perched on the 30th floor of Grande Centre Point Ploenchit Hotel and involves a classic Thai massage in a specially heated Himalayan Salt Cave. 

In the pink with Himalayan salt

RarinJinda Wellness Spa Ploenchit’s Salt Cave

Here Infrared heat lamps draw out the pink Himalayan Salt from the walls as the skilled therapist kneads and applies a pressure point massage over the body for a full hour, gently stretching muscles and relieving tension. The salty air, meanwhile, administers natural healing with each deep-cleansing breath. 
Inhaling the salt is said to promote a better breathing system while reducing inflammation and mucus in the lungs, improving respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies, helping to regulate the body’s sleep cycle and cleansing negative energy from the body. 
The room is furnished with four massage beds and, adding to the sense of peace, overhead the ceiling twinkles with stars.

In the pink with Himalayan salt

The spa sanctuary treatment rooms 

Part of the Siam Wellness Group, RarinJinda Wellness Spa is one of Thailand’s leading wellness spas and is staffed only by expert therapists. The group also owns Let’s Relax, the Siam Wellness Lab, Siam Wellness Education, Deck 1, and Baan Suan Massage and the spa currently has two branches in Bangkok – the other is on Rajdamri – and the RarinJinda Resort in Chiang Mai. Facilities include a state-of-the-art heated hydrotherapy pool, Vichy shower, hydrotherapy tub, whirlpool with chromotherapy and a rainforest steam and sauna. Alternative medicine specialists and nurses are on hand to provide consultation and guidance.

In the pink with Himalayan salt

The Traditional Herbal Hot Compress uses only fresh ingredients.

Despite the modern operation and lavish decorations, the spa remains rooted in Thai massage and healing traditions. Among these is the 90-minute Elements of Life programme, which uses the fire, air, water and earth to rebalance body and soul. This comprises the use of natural healing blended with Thai massage techniques and Tibetan sound therapy to release physical and emotional tensions.
The spa journey starts with the guest lying down on a Warm Sand Bed imported from Germany and enjoying a thoroughly relaxing scalp message. The heat from the warm sand represents the fire element”, while tiny quartz made from lava stone contained therein represent the earth element”. The bed is set at a surprisingly comfortable 37 degrees Celsius for the entire session and helps reduce muscle tension and increases blood flow to heal injured tissues and rehabilitate damaged muscles or joints. 
The therapist then rings the Tibetan bowls around body producing a sound that synchronises with brain waves to create a perfect state of deep meditation. The Tibetan bowls are then placed on different parts of the body allowing the sound vibration to pamper from the inside. This represents the air element. 

With the guest now in a state of deep relaxation, the therapist starts a 60-minute massage using either Royal Thai Massage or Himalayan Hot Salt Compress Massage techniques in line with the guest’s selection. 

In the pink with Himalayan salt

House-blend spa products are available to take home. 


A Royal Thai Massage sees the therapist using only her thumbs and palms to focus on pressure points and stretching muscles, and maintaining a distance from the guest at all times. The Himalayan Hot Salt Compress Massage involves the placing of a small clay pot filled with a warm Himalayan Salt compress all over your body to improve circulation and help rehabilitate injured tissues and muscles. 
The treatment ends with the water element – a spray of Cold Rose Body Freshener that rejuvenates and reenergises, leaving the guest invigorated and determined to come back for more. 
Siamese Himalayan Salt Therapy is available only at RarinJinda Wellness Spa Ploenchit and is priced at Bt1,800 for a |60-minute treatment.
The “Elements of Life” Treatment costs Bt2,800 for 90 minutes and an Aromatherapy Oil Massage with Herbal Hot Compress goes for Bt1,700 for 60 minutes.
Book a session at (02) 651 5225. |Open daily from 10am to midnight. 
Day spa and facial treatments are also available. Check out www.SiamWellnessGroup.com

Published : June 29, 2018

By : Kupluthai Pungkanon The Sunday Nation