Friday, September 17, 2021


Forget ‘Miss’ Universe, what about the real girls?

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. I may be in a minority but I have to say that the Miss Universe girls, with their thin flaccid bodies, plastic features, industrial quantities of makeup and the never-ending drivel that they spout, don’t do a thing for me.



I say “girls”, but true to form, the LGBT tyrants have muscled in, not content with having their own Miss Tiffany Universe competition. 
This year’s competition includes a Spanish bloke who calls himself Angela, thus destroying the entire rationale of the Miss Universe contest at a stroke.
Give me a real girl any day, the kind of girl who marches in from the fields at the end of a day’s work smelling of freshly mown grass, traces of engine oil under her fingernails, who gives you a good seeing-to over the kitchen table while the tom yum is coming to the boil. Give me a girl who spends half a day in a gym rather than half a day at a dressing table, a girl who has actually done something with her life. Compare and contrast the lovely warm smiles of Thailand’s female track athletes, volleyball players and other real women with the Miss Universe “lights are on but no one’s at home” rictuses.
I think we’ve had quite enough Miss Universe. More features on Thailand’s beautiful sportswomen and other female achievers, please, The Nation!
Nigel Pike
Phang Nga

Published : December 18, 2018